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Bringing the place to you through virtual recreations of objects and places.

Laser scans form the base 3D model and information for the environment to built. 

We can gather the accuracy of scale to create an immersive experience in Virtual and Augmented Reality that is at a true size.  Using laser scans we have build an accurate representation of an interior and exterior location for an interactive experience. 


Tourism, aviation, medical, product design, architecture and health and safety are just some examples of the industries that we have used this method to produce innovative experiences using laser scanning.


The 3D software used allows for the migrating of point cloud-based visuals with other media such as high quality photography and 360 video to create high resolution and stunning Virtual Reality experiences.


Within Tourism, we have used this method to re-create New Zealand's Waiheke Island within a mixed media experience to showcase it's best features. The on-site laser capture of the environment contributed to creating an point cloud based mesh that we could optimise and pair with 360 degree video captured on site.

In the Health and Safety area we have used this technology to create Jetstars Boeing 787 and Airbus 320 hangers for aeroplane maintenance safety training. Landing one of the planes and going through the safety precautions can be dangerous and expensive. With a laser scanned environment we had re-created the planes to scale to bring in the correct size and shape into Virtual Reality. 

3D experiences.

Laser scanning can provide rich information and point clouds that can enhance realism in 3D experiences.


They can communicate a full room scale environment with the power to measure and render your spaces for digital outputs, with the versatility to work with other capture methods to produce stunning results in a interactive virtual world. 

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