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Kyko's research and development team is made up of some of the worlds leading VR and AR technical minds.

They specialise in next generation digital technology and bring an innovative edge to the forever changing client problem solving.

Our team have a desire to be at the forefront of the Virtual and Augmented Digital evolution and are working closely with our international partners to take advantage of the evolving technical elements of this medium.

Kyko R&D team are encouraged to try the unknown, test the boundaries and develop new workflows for new technological developments in the Augmented and Virtual world.


Custom Capture Hardware Development

We create custom build equipment to capture quality virtual live action content at a level required by third parties to deliver to their client base.

Our focus in on intelligent camera movement and capture in challenging environments such as underwater, extremely hot / cold environments and aerial/cable cam solutions.

Consulting and Training 

Our teams are specialists in their fields and are available for both technical and creative consultation. We have trained over 100 people in the industry across New Zealand and Australia with a focus in up-skilling students and professionals into an every growing industry. We have strategic international partners which allow us to provide information and training on the newest forms of next generation technologies in the New Zealand and Australian Region.

Virtual Reality Optimised Game Development

We help Virtual Reality companies by creating VR game engine optimised content using our streamlined processing and development pipeline which enables fast, high quality turn around on VR tools and implementation of these tools into current workflows.

Proof of Concept Development

Kyko build both VR and AR tools and applications for big industry such as Medical, Forensic, Health and Safety, Training and Product Development which enable our customers to complete their required tasks faster and at a lower cost. 

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