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Our studio is a multidisciplinary
award-winning team.   

We love what we do.  We’re a dynamic mix of talented strategists, creatives, designers, technologists, storytellers, producers and innovators who believe in creating outstanding immersive experiences. 


We deliver end-to-end from strategy to creative, design and production services, harnessing the power of immersive technologies. Whether designing campaigns, brands and Visual Identities to reimagining engagement across communication and content, or crafting immersive experiences that connect across live events, installations, built environments, physical and virtual places and spaces – our team are experts at creating experiences that connect.


Our VR technician’s have extensive knowledge and experience with all high-end 360 VR capture systems and are called upon to create custom designed solutions for underwater, aerial and other extreme shooting environments.


The team has been entrusted to capture some of the biggest cinematic VR products in the Asia Pacific region.


Our development team hold masters qualifications in digital design and have a wide skill set that spans from locomotion design for VR, animation, VFX, 3d modelling, rigging, lighting in virtual environments, motion capture, photogrammetry and user interface design.

Post Production.

Our post production 360 video team has extensive experience working with pre-released VFX and both stereoscopic and monoscopic 360 video files including clean up, colour grading, rotoscoping and stitch work.

We understand the key to this rapidly changing industry is the ability to implement new workflows, innovations and technologies. For this reason we will always be at the forefront, creating fun, engaging and immersive experiences and content to engage, educate and entertain.

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Creative Technology
& Production.

Our team of creative technologists are experts in problem solving and solution design using creative technologies. 


Our ability to rapidly innovate has built our reputation as the industry ‘go to’ team delivering the latest in creative technology production and innovation services across Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 Video Streaming and production, WebGL, Digital Human Capture, 3D Modelling and across new and emerging technologies.  

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